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We specialize in the sector of Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Payroll, Business method outsourcing, information method outsourcing and web site and Digital promoting Services.

Our key services include:

Finance and Accounting Services: - we tend to specialize in the sector of Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Payroll, Business method outsourcing.

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KH IT Solutions was fantastic. Terribly corroboratory, clear and forever came our calls. Exceptional client service skills. Would extremely advocate to family and friends."


Work environment was very calm and cool. I enjoyed each and every day with my team mates. I was free to think & develop new ideas which you rarely find anywhere!"


It’s the best BPO/KPO services that I have seen till date. I found a great growth in my professional career."



Finance and Accounting both of them are two big words which represents the whole mathematical calculations and formulas. Usually these two words sounds like a horrible giant of a dream. But believe us; it’s like playing with numbers. Life becomes stable, once you are financially sound. The most important thing is that your earnings should be managed in such a way where it gives you good returns as it is your hard earned money after all. Now a day’s people are looking for a personal finance for their growth and secured future. Our life revolves around earning and managing it in a fruitful way.

Finance and accounting will help you to comprehend how much you earn and how much more you want. Here, it is not like that you have to learn long and complex mathematical formulas. We agree that there are some complex formulas but friends as it is said that “In this fast paced-world, along with hard work smartness is also required”. It is the number of manipulations to reach towards the ‘Goal’ set by us.

It also widens up with huge career opportunities for new comers in this very area of finance and accounting. Some want to become Chartered Accountants, while few wish to be financial advisors, business development executives and much more. Nowadays, banks are also coming up with the post of relationship managers or customer relationship managers which belongs to the very field . So, now you can see how vast is the scope of finance and accounting.

In all the above mentioned jobs profile, the foremost important thing is your financial knowledge and marketing idea which is based on accounting. There is a lot more to explore in this field. Computer proficiency is mandatory as it makes longer calculations very simplified. “Time is money” so more work in a lesser span of time is the key demand of any job.

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Firstly, let us elucidate you to the word website : Collection of web pages acquired through internet & ingresses via phone, internet or a LAN.Basically, before developing a web site, you will have to entertain three essential things in mind:

Domain name : Now, we will feed you over with the topic of Domain Name! It is the unique name that identifies an Internet based website. Domain names are formed by the rules of the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain Registrars under whom you can register a domain name.

Web host : Secondly, let me introduce to the topic Web Hosting. It is simply the service that provides you with the ability to display your website & its connectivity via the Internet. Single page hosting is generally sufficient for personal web pages. A tortuous site demands a more complete package that provides database support and application development platforms (e.g. PHP, Java or ASP.NET). These facilities allow customers to write or install scripts for applications like forums and content management. The availability of a website is measured by the percentage of a year in which the website is publicly accessible and reachable via the internet.

Topic : Finally, coming to the topic; this is a very essential part as during deciding the domain name, you first think the name of the topic and accordingly decide the domain name for your site.

What Kind Of Web Hosting Do I Need ?

Depending on the nature of your website requirements, you can choose from various sources and fields Windows hosting plans. There are many free as well as paid providers offering this service.

We will lead you now towards the designing part! Website is of two types.

Static : In a static website, you will have to hire professionals for changing any data inside it. Technologies that are used for developing & maintaining this kind of website are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery & Photoshop.

Dynamic : In a dynamic website, it’s feasible in comparison to the static one. It can be changed according to interactions, choices and behavior of the users. Technologies that are used for developing & maintaining these kinds of websites are ASP.NET, PHP and JAVA. ASP.NET supports two platforms: ASP.NET supports two languages such as C sharp and Visual Basic and ASP.NET MVC which is a model view controller.

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‘Digital Marketing’, as soon as you hear this topic the virtual idea that is created in your mind about the topic is that it is the marketing associated in the digital way! Or to be precise, marketing via the usage of electronic devices such as tablets, PC’s and game consoles etc. to enchant consumers.

On a whole it is the promotion of brands using all forms of digital advertising or means to reach out to the customers. There are various means by which this is done: Blogging, E-mails, RSS & News feed, Online banner advertising, SMS & Affiliates.

The sub-categories of Digital Marketing are as follows:

Internet Marketing : With the help of internet, one can do anything. The other term we can use for this can be Viral Marketing i.e. marketing which is super fast and thus you are able to reach out to your customers in a short span of time and the end result is high popularity. A buzz is created. In this, social media is associated. Platforms like facebook, google +, twitter, linkedin and are used to popularize. Let’s talk about facebook for example; a company launches its product say ‘X’. Then it creates a facebook page within which it updates the various uses, special features about the product. Consumers like the page and slowly the likes of the page increases with the hike in popularity of X. People then use it thus increasing the sales and lastly the company shoots up with profit. Also the image of the company is additionally boosted up with such social platforms.

SMS Service : It includes bulk sms which are sent to the customers as a promotional tag.

E-mail Marketing : It comprises of electronic mails sent to the consumers giving the various details about their brand or products/services.

Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate is a type of marketing in which a company/business rewards one or more affiliates for every customer they bring via their efforts or marketing strategies.

Media : It is associated with the use of T.V., Radio and Newspaper etc. This is a mass marketing strategy as the base of the consumer is very large.

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BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. It includes workers who have excellent and outstanding skills in English also their accent and hold over the language is perfect. It includes front office management, HR’s, professionals and technicians.

BPO that is placed outside a company's country is called offshore outsourcing whereas the one that is contracted to a company's nearby country is called near shore outsourcing. Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and legal process outsourcing (LPO) are some of the sub-segments of business process outsourcing industry.

Business processes that are IT-based referred to as ITES-BPO (ITES stands for Information Technology Enabled Service).

KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. It deals with outsourcing of core information-related business activities which form an integral part of a company's value chain. It requires advanced analytical and technical skills as well as high degree of specialist expertise.


If we look inside the working of a Knowledge Process Outsourcing, we will find that it is one step ahead of BPO.

KPO are application of specialized field having pertinent knowledge of high level. For example, say there is a KPO called B Ltd. which deals with mobile phones. A customer calls up regarding the working of his mobile; he says that pictures are not displayed on his screen efficiently. Now this is a technical fault which will be dealt by the KPO technicians/professionals. They will handle the query with full support and help the customer in getting rid of it. Whereas, if we go to the BPO section, there the queries dealt are very general and mostly it concentrates on calling only and not as a sector specialized solution provider.

Why is the KPO sector rising in INDIA ?

  • One step extension of BPO
  • Lack of extremely qualified professionals in BPO
  • Risk & threats are the major drawbacks of BPO
  • High end services

Going by the trends, as the U.S. Govt. is taking steps to reduce outsourcing and if such a thing happens, then BPO will suffer the most. They will have to suffer major loss. But as we know everything has two faces and so does have this sector also. The major benefit of a BPO is in increasing the company’s flexibility.

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