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Accounting Solutions

We cater to all your needs related to accounting. We first analyze the project, that is the task assigned to us, and then our professional CA & CPAs, put their brainy cap and method your data and finally the readymade solutions are provided to you at the end. We devote our time to lend an ear to you fully so that in no case you feel neglected by us. Customer is the major concern for us.

How our team works?

  • Bank reconciliation reports We prepare all your bank reconciliation reports so that your account is kept up to date.
  • We prepare profit and loss statements so that your business performance can be tracked.
  • We also offer cash flow projections.
  • We provide you with the most canonical payments so that there are no discrepancies involved during the billing process.
  • As the tax laws keep on changing, we also keep ourselves ahead of that as well as we also make sure that even you are well updated with it.
  • There are no limits to our telephonic conversations; we discuss every detail with our clients well in advance so that they are aware of everything that is happening related to their work.
  • All your bank account details, ledgers, invoices & accounts payable details are safely secured with us.

Why you should go for Finaccers( Unit of KH IT Group)?

There are numerous reasons to cite for the above mentioned question. KH IT is a brand in itself. We dont just offer work; we offer quality work to our clienteles. We guide you on how to improve your business strategies so that you can achieve the desired profit. We offer intelligent tips over all of your business and financial issues, like how to invest, where to invest and when to invest. Our vision is to support our customer in every potential way by meticulous work and our team of expertise.