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School Management Software

School Management Software (SMS) uses a client-server architecture; the back-end service is based around Microsoft SQL Server with some business logic handled by a custom .NET Framework module. The client application is also built with .NET, and handles almost all of the data manipulation and reporting workload.

SMS is a modular application, the core offering covering storing basic school data with modules available to handle (among other things) legal registration, the recording of achievements and sanctions and the management and documentation of public examinations. Capita also offer modules aimed at specific sectors, such as a fee billing system for private schools.

Capita Children’s Services has been an active founding member of the Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF) Association UK since 2006 and the company has had a representative on all of the organisation’s boards. It participated in both the first Becta sponsored proof of concept project in Birmingham 2006/2007 and the second, involving Northern Ireland schools and the University of Durham (2007). Managing director of SIMS, Phil Neal, has stated that Capita’s input helps to shape the quality of the SIF data model and address concerns around the applicability of SIF in the UK, particularly with regard to security. The company was one of the first UK MIS suppliers to release a commercial SIF based solution in its SIMS Partnership Xchange product.

SMS was the first MIS for schools. It was initially developed by Philip Neal, a teacher at Lea Manor High School, from 1982 to 1983. Bedfordshire County Council (Lea Manor's local education authority) then further developed the product, which began being used by other schools in 1984.