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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizer whereas SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. A particular website has to abide by all the principles which come under SEO as well as SEM.

SEM is a broader category under which sub-category like SMO, SEO and PPC comes.

SEO strategies

  • Social presence These days, it is very much essential to have a strong social presence so that your business doesn’t gets overlooked upon by the potential customers. With us, you won’t suffer on anything like that as our experts know how to generate audience for you via the right feeds on social media that it requires; be it a simple tweet, a project video on YouTube, a status update on Facebook or a Google post!
  • From blog posts to RSS feed submissions, we’ll be thorough with your website over each and every update. With this, we will make sure that every day your site has something new for the very users, all fresh contents to hit upon.
  • We don’t randomly start posting something absurd, we first fully analyze the ways of your competitors and then launch something worth reading cum looking; going by the mind of a user. We work on your weakness as well as showcase your strengths so that your website gets just the right launch pad for it.
  • Managing PPC’s We will generate revenue for you by following the PPC trick so that you get the desired audience along with getting high on the popularity meter of the various search engines.
  • Special emphasis is laid on Link building.
  • On page optimization
  • Guest blogging

Why to choose KH IT Solutions Private Limited?

Had there been one reason, we wouldn’t even have highlighted but since there are many let us cite a few of them for all you dear customers.

  • Don’t hire different companies for various domains of Digital & Internet marketing, when we are the ones providing you so many solutions under one roof.
  • Save time and money with us.
  • Generation of the Right audience in quick time.
  • Easy to read content, comfortable for its users.
  • Correct marketing strategy to generate web traffic.
  • Designed, developed, managed and written by adept professionals who have expertise of many years.
  • Improved visibility of your website.