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Ebook Submission

We do have a few requirements for ebook submission:

  • You must submit your own cover art.
  • You must submit a copyright page, title page, and license notes.
  • You must submit a word processing document like DOC, DOCX, ODT, TXT, RTF, or similar. No PDF or HTML.
  • You must specify if you want your ebook formatted to Kindle or Smashwords.
  • If you are submitting images, you must submit the separate JPG files provided, even if the images are already in the document. Images can be uploaded separately or as a single zip file containing all the images.

Ebooks are an excellent way to share insights with your customers and build your credibility. While you canít tell people very much in an ad, by releasing an ebook you can really delve into a topic that helps them and paints a picture of you as the expert who can help them with their problems.